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Any individual or student can interact with your personalised AI buddy.



Psychologist can monitor and engage with their clients, access relevant data, and provide personalized support.



A technological eco-system to keep track of student’s mental health.




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With HOPE, we're here to empower young people like you on your journey towards a healthier, happier mind.

  • Do you want someone to listen and understand you?

  • Are you looking for a friend, who doesn’t judge you for being you?

  • Are you ready to take charge of your mental well-being?

Adolescent mental health is a growing concern in India. Developing an AI Chatbot for Adolescent Mental Health in India which will serve as a primary scanning tool for government and private mental healthcare professionals. Designed by mental health experts to provide a secure and safe place to talk about your mental health. Hope understands that the challenges faced by today's youth are unique and complex. That's why we've harnessed the power of artificial intelligence and mental health expert's insights to create a revolutionary mental health chatbot tailored specifically for you.

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  • AI Chatbot

    Hope acknowledges the unique challenges of today's youth. We've combined AI and mental health expertise to create a personalized mental health chatbot.

  • Evidence-Based Support

    HOPE offers evidence-based advice and guidance, curated by mental health experts for tangible life improvements.

Join us on this journey

We invite you to embark on a journey towards healthy emotional and mental care with HOPE. Whether you're facing stress, anxiety, loneliness, or simply want to enhance your emotional well-being, our AI buddy is here to guide you. We believe in the power of technology and human expertise coming together to create a supportive and caring environment for all young individuals.

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Anirudh Sharma

Founder & Director


Manasvini Singh

Co-founder & Vice President (Operations)


Surjit Kaur Ubhi

Co-founder & Chief Product Officer